The Girl Made Of Stars

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Hi everybody. I'd like to introduce you to a very special friend of mine. Her name is Madi and she's made of stars. Thats right, you heard it, Madi Callihan is made of actual stars. The beautiful , radiant , mysterious kind. Ill tell you one thing about my Madi girl, sometimes she hides her light ,because she's afraid people will look at her.  You see, she’s nothing like the other stars who scream and compete for the sky. If it were up to Madi, she wouldn't be a star at all, she would be the dust that floats through outer space unnoticed, watching the other stars shine bright . But you see thats what makes Madi so special. Madi is so radiant, that not even her whisper could hide from the sky. She gives all her light to others, even when she herself gets lost in darkness. Madi, no matter how hard you try, you cannot hide from the sky, because you are far too beautiful and too bright to be kept in the dark. Thank you for letting me see your radiance .  I love you madigan. 

Space Ladies Forever. 

Syd Syd D.