Hi there! This is me. Im Sydnee. Its a pleasure to unofficially meet you!

Thank you for making it this far in my website! 

 I assume (unless by accident) You clicked on that little about button to read something about me! 

So here it goes.

Im a lot of things. … tidy is not one of them . Im passionate and messy and one giant tiny ball of juxtaposition. I wear a lot of hats. I love them. like REALLY love them They're kinda like a security blanket for me, except they're stylish and they hide my almost always messy hair.  I love music. My favorites include , Patrick Watson, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen and 2009 Biebs .I like making music too. Especially when I get to write the words and sing them. 

 Im very in love. Madly actually. He has crystal eyes and a heart of gold and his name is Jordan.(You probably see a lot of him in my Instagram stories) 

I like macarons and the crackle in old records. Sometimes I speak french. and I’m allergic to gluten and cats.


Okay enough rambling about my likes, loves ,and weird allergies. I have too many for this small about page. Maybe ,you and I (whoever you may be) can get coffee sometime and ill tell you a bit more about my likes and loves? Maybe I could hear yours too? 


I have a passion for art, and I try to capture images that feel like love and art and light. So what do you say? Wanna make some art together? I’d love to be your creative girl.


Sydnee D.