Central Coast Wedding Videographer Sydnee D.



Hi there! This is me, I'm Sydnee. Its a pleasure to unofficially meet you!

Im not exactly sure what to say...sooo I guess Ill start off with where I live. I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California, in a cute little town called Arroyo Grande , (quite close to San Luis Obispo). I wear a lot of hats. And I love macarons. Im a major music junkie.. ( although music appreciator sounds a bit more acceptable ). I teach little kids piano (which by the way is the most fulfilling job ever ) I like making music too, especially when I get to write the  words and sing them . I like and love a lot of things. Too many for this small "about" page. Maybe ,you and I (whoever you may be) can get coffee sometime and ill tell you a bit more about my likes and loves? Maybe I could hear yours too? 

OH! I forgot the most important thing. The thing that most likely drew you to this page. Photographs and Films (Or videography, whichever Title tickles your fancy ) . I love them both so dearly and I'm ecstatic I get to have these two passions of mine as an actual job. I’d love to be your creative girl.


-Sydnee D.